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Vida Secreta de Costa Rica

Nature. Adventure. Culture.

A place to escape and find your piece of paradise! 


Pura Vida ("Pure Life") is a way of life in Costa Rica that defines the culture of the locals. It's tranquil meaning and emphasis on living stress-free is refreshing will make you quickly fall in love with the people of Costa Rica.


While Costa Rica only covers 0.03% of the planet, it provides a staggering 5% of the planet's biodiversity! Costa Rica also protects over 25% of its land under nature preserves. Its rich wildlife and efforts to protect its lands provides a haven for nature lovers.

If you look up 'adventure' in the dictionary, you will find a picture of Costa Rica.

Surfing, white water rafting, ATV tours - fishing, hiking - Costa Rica has it all! A  trip to Costa Rica is anything but boring and always action-packed! 


What's So Special?

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