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The story behind Troy Eckard, Con Amor and Costa Rica

Con Amor was founded on Troy Eckard's love of adventure. Mr. Eckard fell in love with Costa Rica and its vibrant culture just after one visit. He set his sights on partnering with the local businesses to build a bright future for Costa Rica and his family business.

Con Amor is built on love and driven by a dream of providing an adventurous and environmentally friendly destination in Costa Rica.

Q: What brought you to Costa Rica?

The Tico culture is one of incredible respect and kindness. They have a gentle nature and not a single mean bone in their body. There first reaction is to always offer help, guidance and acceptance to foreigners.


Ticos appreciate nature more than anything else and value memories more than material things. This attitude creates a culture that offers a simple lifestyle full of genuine experiences. Working and living with the locals offers a chance to absorb this mindset and live life at its purest. 

When I visit Costa Rica I enjoy the way I feel more than anything else - pure, real moments with a lack of stress and no worry about the clock. 

Q: What are your thoughts on the local culture?
Q: What is the future for Troy Eckard & Con Amor in Costa Rica?

Troy W. Eckard - CEO of Con Amor

In a perfect world, I see Con Amor setting a new bar and tone for the future of Costa Rica's tourism in the southern Pacific coast. I want Con Amor to dream big, shoot for the moon, not allow negative influence to deter our goals, and most importantly make a product that allows our owners, guests, and locals can be proud of.

We want Con Amor to be at the forefront of a revolutionary change for the wonderful country of Costa Rica. As we began to create our dream in Costa Rica, we are focusing on being environmentally aware, culturally respectful, globally welcoming and domestically integrated. 

Con Amor is a company that is more than about profits. It is a dream that is evolving into a reality. My whole heart and soul supports this company and I am excited to be on this incredibly journey! And like the Ticos say, Pura Vida!

I had a combination of many thoughts and observations after my first trip to Costa Rica. Small things in the landscape and culture caught my attention. For example, I noticed there was little graffiti and the city streets were incredibly clean. There was virtually no trash or litter to speak of. 

Also, there was a known courtesy among the drivers and everyone treated each other with the upmost respect. The locals, Ticos and Ticas, were soft spoken and slow to express themselves but had a true gentleness about them. 

The beauty of the country was indisputable. Costa Rica is pure and absolutely peaceful. I had been looking for a relaxing getaway for my family and I had found it.


When I returned home, my first words to my family were, "Costa Rica is a playground full of adventure!".

As a kid, I lived in the country and spent most of my days outdoors, away from electronics from sun up to sundown. I would take off on our small tractor to explore trails, canal banks, and other areas that were off the beaten path. I loved investigating new areas and constantly felt the urge to go outside and explore.

Costa Rica provides that same escape. It's a land full of adventure with limitless excursions, sights, sounds, experiences and places for me to explore. I trek through the jungle on a daily basis. Exploring the countryside, up and down hills, through creeks and ravines, I am able to bring back some of my most cherished memories. It offers me the same sense of discovery that I had when I was younger. Costa Rica reminds me of my childhood, days full of adventure right at my fingertips.

I am never bored when I visit. With all of my travels to Costa Rica, I know I haven't even scratched the service of seeng what the country has to offer. Its a place that makes me incredibly happy and allows me to feel alive and like I am a kid again.

Q: You say Costa Rica reminds you of your childhood, why is that?

Being raised along the Texas-Mexican border brought me a deep respect and love of the Latin culture and their generous nature. After Mexico became less favorable to travel to, I went a few years without visiting Central America. My longing for a return trip grew and my travel agent recommended Costa Rica.

I booked a flight with two amigos to head south to the land of Pura Vida. We visited the northern part of the country at an all-inclusive resort in Guanacaste. During our stay I enjoyed the sights, the culture and felt as though I had found my "new" version of Mexico but in an exciting and refreshing way. 

Q: What was your first reaction?