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"Doing what we love, with the people we love, and positively impacting as many people as we can with our efforts. That is Con Amor!"

-Troy Eckard 

CEO of Con Amor

Read more about  Troy Eckard's love of Costa Rica and how it began Con Amor's  journey.

Con Amor is bringing you adventure and serenity - Join us!

Imagine a place where time stands still. A place that lives and breaths tranquility and peace. A place where an entire family can come together and enjoy once in a lifetime adventure. A place that rejuvenates your soul and awakens your senses... Welcome to Costa Rica!

Con Amor dreams of building communities across the Southern Pacific coastline of Costa Rica to allow people, just like you, to not only see the Costa Rican lifestyle, but live a life of Pura Vida!


Costa Rica is your gateway to leaving worries and stress behind, and embrace a lifestyle that enriches you to your very core. 

Costa Rica's Golden Corridor

Smell the Ocean. Feel the Sand.

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Vida Secreta de Costa Rica

Con Amor Real Estate Holdings, LLC ("CAREH" or "Con Amor") views real estate opportunities as being given a blank piece of paper. There are no lines, no obstacles in design, or no limits in how far your imagination can go. Our only guideline that remains true throughout every property is developing projects that are respectful to the natural environment and culture of the country where we choose to work.

Con Amor seeks to locate, design, and then ultimately develop our own style and brand of projects. Troy Eckard, Con Amor's CEO, and our team works with the local residents and the governing authorities to bring real estate projects that will have a positive effect on that area. We look to create development ideas that are conducive as well as compliments the long-term intended feel for the area.

Starting in late 2015, Troy Eckard and our team immersed ourselves in an 18-month period in which we conducted due diligence, research, and the selection of "a prime property" for Con Amor to develop. This property is one in which we could fulfill our Con Amor vision.

That "jewel" of a piece of land was found high above the town of Dominical, Costa Rica. The  undeveloped farms is comprised of 226 hectares, or over 560 acres, and covers three mountains. The property has an abundant amount of wildlife, jungle and one of the most picturesque views of the Perez Zeledon Valley and the Pacific Ocean.

The Con Amor project is known as La Vida Secreta Luxury Resort and Residential Community and we are excited to share our dream with Costa Rica and the world!.

Living out our passion

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